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" I wish that I could find joys in accommodating too Would you like to be a captain, maybe even be a monster?

It's called "Accommodating" [Hook] All you do is accommodate: "What do you like to do?

The farm cottage is situated on our land, next to our garden and farm, a 20 minutes walk from the other houses.

We are a small house community, which expands at lunch during the week to welcome several day attenders.

We have 3 houses accomodating 2 residents and 2 coworkers in the houseing estate, Gleann Na Locha.

Gleann Na Locha is located ourskirt of the town, Carrick-on-Suir, which is between our Farm Cotage and the other houses.

Turn me into an imposter, make me more accommodating too Make me more accommodating too [Verse 1] Laying always on the couches, never cleaning up the dishes Can't appease your simple wishes, take your medicine from your dentist You never seem to be pissed off much, everything seems well enough so Broke your favorite coffee cup, said to me "It's only stuff." Said to me "It's only stuff." [Hook] [Verse 2] Or maybe I could cook you dinner, stuff you sausage Make you candles, clean your office Paint your bedroom disco blue Accommodating just like you Teach you how to fly a airplane Build a hot rod catch a mermaid Rearrange your room alone Teach you how to make cologne Instruct you how to play a bagpipe Lose some weight and learn to eat right Wiretap a telephone, extract your own pheromones Extract your own pheromones [Outro] All you do is accommodate: "What do you like to do?

Doc pao and his staff are all accommodating to answer all my questions. Doc Pao and Ma'am Danya are very warm and accomodating.

The staffs and the veterinarian are very attentive and friendly. You will be welcomed by an accommodating beautiful lady, nice staff and smart veterinarian...thank you for taking care of wency, she went home beautiful and sassy without unnecessary stress.

Wency Potter visited Family Vet today for the long awaited grooming and check up.

Nothing everything is horrible, miserable and smelling full of flies thre is no proper protection stink very dirty rooms dirty bedsheets not good preparation. I would like to claim my money back which I pay you from this miserable place Grace Residence Hall is located in Cagayan de Oro, a 5-minute drive from the city proper.

Offering air-conditioned rooms, it provides free parking and free Wi-Fi throughout the property.

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