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The online prank led to criminal charges this week against the 8th-grade girl who prosecutors believe crossed a line."I think she deserves the highest punishment that she can get for her age," Goss, 41, told the Free Press on Friday, saying she lost an amazing kid who had everything going for him. If they're not open, then we have a responsibility not to give them access."The girl's family could not be reached for comment.She reportedly is back at school and feels bad about what happened.But when Goss went upstairs to tuck her son into bed, her world went dark. He was an excellent bike rider."But he lost it all because of a bully, Goss said."Even when you're young you can still commit a crime," Goss said. "Posting this hoax of somebody dying was pretty reckless."Wiese said that he also wants to send a message to parents and kids that "there can be serious consequences to reckless (online) behavior.""I wanted to encourage parents to pay attention to this seemingly private world that our children exist in," Wiese said.

"The whole process of making new friends can feel a bit like you're an adolescent in high school," says Los Angeles-based child psychologist Joanna Jacobs, a mother of two.

But, believe it or not, there a way to talk to your parents… Over the last few years, I’ve learned some tricks on how to get your parents to do what you want.

Following them isn’t always the easiest thing in the world, but it’s worth it to try.

When you're trying to get your way, don't go into a conversation with no idea on what you're going to say or do.

Figure out exactly what you want and make a mature plan. Whatever it is, focus on that one thing rather than everything. Plan to present it to them as if you were asking a teacher for a better grade - be mature about it.

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