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Let’s talk about chat compare, The difference between the next 3 options A – Group Chat B – Live Chat C – Chat Room Our needs to communicate with other human being had initiated a chat system to be built along with the first computer operating system, UNIX in 1970’s.

But the Relationships view shows all the contacts on your Lync contacts list plus any unlisted contacts whom you’ve assigned a non-default privacy relationship.

To create a sense of community within a meeting or training session and encourage attendees to participate, use the emoticons that appear in the Attendees pod.

These emoticons can express an emotion such as laughter or applause, ask the host to speak louder or slow down, or show raised hands.

The web section will not be covered here, but it will serve as a test platform but don't worry, the code will be provided.

Level: Intermediate (Knowledge of MEAN is required) We need to grab node-webkit and every other dependencies for our application.

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Personal, then clear the check box labeled Show pictures of contacts. It will also eliminate pictures of sender and receiver from IM and group conversations, and it will remove your own picture from Lync as well.

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