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To the point that I once deleted two years worth of text chains on my i Phone, except the one with her, to free up storage space, and I didn’t gain a single ounce of space on my phone. Or, you know, making sure I pick the right person to text. One of said scattered texts was to a guy I’d been hanging out with, trying to convince him to come out that night.

Like, say, watching where I walk so as not to trip on the loose step in my stairwell nearly every day. (First favorite is sleeping, third favorite is blogging — get your minds outta the gutter.) I was texting up a storm with my mom about my favorite topic: gossiping about my older sister, while also juggling a few scattered texts from friends about that evening’s plans.

To quote her, "Not everybody gets along here, but what are you going to do? Both have a twinkle in their dark eyes and are excellent listeners.

" At 92, you can pretty much say whatever the (heck) you want. David pays close attention to stories he’s no doubt heard from her repeatedly.

He requires a hoyer lift to be moved, he has to be fed thru a tube, he does not have control of his bowel function,he requires a ventilator to breathe. (Because he never took legal guardianship, just for medical decisions, they are considered independent.

There is no money to pay a caregiver in that budget. I am spending my future retirement funds to care for him. I have lost hope and I am becoming a person I am not proud to be. This society is uncaring and ignorant regarding services for disabled individuals. Today our social worker gave me info about a possible placement for them, it is assisted living for the handicapped. (He was widowed after their mom died of the same disease.) Later he said he didn't want to do anything right away, not even put them on a waiting list, until he was SURE he would not resent me later for urging this along.

Some of these communities can include gender and sexuality, self harm, creepypasta, slenderman, etc. My daughter and her friends are obsessed with this app.

So, before I get fully into this, it’s important to know two things about me: 1. After all the traditional arm-twisting (“It’ll be fun! ” and a healthy dose of passive-aggressiveness) had failed, I knew I had to up the ante: sext time.We do our best to educate and monitor their internet actions but I learned how easy it is for good kids to be targeted and slowly sucked into participating in a way that is not of their usual character. If your kid likes metal that's great BUT don't let him/her be on Metal Amino.It's full of bullies (who even bully autists), they respond with lenny faces & kys (Kill yourself) but they do much more terrible things. He works 2x a week from home, but gone the rest of the week.. He encourages me to visit my own mom, children, and grandkids, who live out of town. They could refuse to go to assisted living.) He has always said he married me because he loves me, not to be a caregiver.

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  1. I'm looking for Darlington is my name my mum is a Canadian and my Dad is from Tanzania my ex wife she is an American we both have an 8 years old Son, living with are Mom in California.