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Bruges, capital of West Flanders, is today a real city-museum, a charming scenery filled with incredible history, although its size, there is a lot to see and do, our tour should also include a visit to museums and ancient buildings (such as the Groeninge Museum and the gothic Palace of Gruuthuse, magnificent masterpieces of Flemish architecture) and churches, cafès and shops still working according to ancient techniques; it is assumed that the manufacturing of lace started during Ancient Rome, anyway this tradition is still strongly alive and an important resource even if the city knows other growing economic sectors, it is a world famous chocolate hotspot with a variety of chocolatiers and shops and a paradise for all lovers of beer; walking through the picturesque streets of Bruges we'll be invaded by chocolate shops, pubs and lace boutiques with all kinds of gifts, it will be furthermore interesting a visit to the Lace Museum with its permanent exhibitions showing several lace varieties, a must-see for all lovers of craftsmanship of high quality.Our tour in Bruges, also known as "Venice of the North" due to its picturesque canals, should also include a delightful boat ride while appreciating the charming surrounding scenery including the Saint John's House Mill (Sint Janshuismolen) and the Koelewei Mill (Koeleweimolen).She spreads her legs wide open and starts to play with her shaven pussy. I tell her to start finger pounding her asshole and cum for me!Being the dirty little slut that she is, she quickly obliges and swiftly starts to digitally pistonize her stink pipe!You are right, %arc, that conversations can get sidetracked. However these forums are also a good place for making pleasant world-wide connections on a personal level. I think this page should be for Bruges lovers and comment should be regarding it only, if you need help on how to use your phones or else, tomeshardware or smartphone for dummies should be the place you're looking for Well, Messer, I use both i Phone and i Pad (and PC laptop). (: You're welcome Gwynn - I'm afraid the quality of the photos are not brilliant as I can't work out how to upload a photo directly from my android Tablet.On my i Phone I can't even find how to log in for commenting or uploading. (I have to take a pic of the screen with my i-phone then use my Tablet camera to copy the pic and then upload it.) Thus it affects the quality. ☺Market Square (Grote Markt) is the heart of the stunning medieval city of Bruges (Brugge), with an area of about 1 hectare it is the center of the commercial life and the ideal spot where a variety of social, political, and religious events take place.For starters, forget about 1080p for the foreseeable future.

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Very little information dates from the pre-roman age, anyway it seems that Bruges was founded as a fortress-city in the 9th century by Vikings who settled here (the Dutch name "Brugge" seems to have come originally from "" meaning "harbour or mooring place"); the growing prosperity of the city made it rapidly one of the most important maritime capitals of Europe until the 16th century when Bruges entered a period of stagnation.

For a longtime it was at the center of the chronic struggle between England and France, this situation led to many revolts, The Bruges Matins (Brugse Metten), which saw armed insurrectionists led by de Coninck and Breydel, is absolutely worth mentioning.

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