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It was around my junior year of college, when I decided to act on my fantasy. I put the glass down get on my knees and take out his cock and begin to suck him. We previously agreed on 0 which he had already given me. Not bad, but I’ve had other guys go down on my better. He puts a condom on his cock, and begins fucking me. I changed and told him to call if he wants to pay me for sex again. I went inside to feed the cat one day and he came down the stairs in a bath robe – he looked like he just got out of bed.

I let a guy friend that I was seeing for sex regularly take erotic pictures of me. I’m sucking his cock for about 10-15 minutes, when I asked him if he wants to fuck me. I kept on feeding the cat, and he came closer and opened his robe to show me a mostly hard cock.

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Try these examples to build sexual tension with your man: As you can see, the first group of dirty talk examples were all about turning your man on in the moment so that sex is hotter, while the second group is all about building sexual tension with your man to keep him thinking about you and wondering what you have planned for him.

RELATED: 33 Seriously Naughty Questions That'll Turn You BOTH On When talking dirty to your man, you are going to find that you have a lot more success at turning your man on and building sexual tension if you do it confidently.

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