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They were nervous, but determined to be as independent as possible as soon as they could be, and enjoyed a healthy feeling of rebellion, even if it was just Tippexing swear words onto their school bag or inking a pentagram onto their wrist with a cartridge pen.The You Tube vlogger explosion arrived shortly after I stopped writing for teens full time.

“At a time when people across the country are calling for greater transparency and accountability from law enforcement agencies and officers, Governor Mc Crory’s bill to keep police body camera footage hidden from the public moves us in the wrong direction,” state Democratic Party chairwoman Patsy Keever’s statement said.

Twenty-five minutes into the dashcam footage from Bland's arrest, a strange thing happens.

A man exits a tow truck parked in front of her car, and a few seconds later, the video seems to skip back in time, showing him exiting the truck again. Meanwhile, the audio track plays straight through as though nothing odd has happened -- no skips, no jumps, just smooth sound.

(The chief executive of Penguin has put £10 on Zoella’s book being the Christmas no 1.) Every Mum I know is thrilled about Zoella. ‘We didn’t think our kids would grow up in a world where anyone could seem cool or clever without going on about how much weed they smoke, or taking pictures of their own crotch.’ Zoella is the anti-Miley. She’s never going to have to explain a dodgy Instagram picture, or get caught in a club kissing someone who isn’t her boyfriend.

And I think her teen fans love that just as much as their parents do.

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