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We ordered a takeout of mix grill platter, .99 was not a bad price. we enjoyed the green chicken, the red chicken, , sheek kebab,bihari chicken kebab. The order was placed at 9.45 pm,even though the restaurant closing time was 10.00pm they waited for us till we reached there to pickup the order. If there was only 1 reason why i wouldn't come back here, it would have to be the poor customer service. We opted for snacks - samosa, channa chat, kati roll and kulfi/rabri. They put water in the table and charge .99 at the end. They stare and watch customers as if they are thieves. Also, we noticed that the malai chicken went bad and we tried to explain it to the lady who did not want to hear it claiming that it is always fresh and comes in every morning. I was so excited to try them out after all the positive reviews but I must say it was not as great as it is made out to be.You can have amazing food, but if you don't treat your guests right, you don't deserve to be in business. Samosa - my samosa filling had burnt minced meat so I was not happy. Very non descript place a quick serve type of place but the food is amazing. The mixed grill has at least 6 types of kababs in it. Like I said before the food was very generously portioned. The place closes at 10 & I arrived at with my family.

The food was good but the lady who was serving us had an attitude. Mixed grill patter was ok like the naan but butter chicken was a little better. Also, the servers are a little grumpy and weren't that helpful. Kitchen was horrible looking, when you go to the bathroom you'll see. Go only if you are ready to take the rude behavior of staff as well as manager. Don't even try their main course or rice dish , you will end up wasting your bucks and spoil your mood!! Catered from them for my Nikkah After party and my guests were happy with the selection. This order fed 2 people and I still have some left over in the fridge! The staff was very accommodating in getting our food order in before the kitchen closed. All of which were expedited efficiently without a loss for flavor. My family of 4 were out of there in 30 minutes with our pallets satisfied for including food, drinks, tax, & tip. They were a bit soft but I put them in the toaster oven for 5 mins & they were crispy again! I thought it would be oily but thank God it wasn't. The ras malai was the perfect way to end the meal; with a touch of sweet delight! The mozzarella sticks are served on some lettuce but I would've enjoyed them just the same without the lettuce.Onsite catering lets you Experience the feel of Bombay Talk right at your venue.When it comes to internet marketing, you need the right approach to meet your business objectives and extend the reach of your company.

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DAHI BHALLA 5.95 Lentil dumpliings filled with nuts & raisins served with yogurt, spices, mint & tamarind sauces ALOO TIKKI CHAAT 6.95 Mashed and seasoned shallow fried medallions served with spiced chick peas, chopped onions, green chilies, topped with mint and tamarind sauce.

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