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I like my devices secure, as I quit rooting devices a while back (my current tablet is rooted, but that was so it could be a network Tor proxy when I'm at home and the OS won't see any updates since Samsung has abandoned the device already) but Android just isn't very secure, even in it's latest version. There's still some things that confuse me, but that's why I joined Apple Vis. If you want an experimenting system, then go for Android.Don't be surprised if I ask a lot of questions in the near future. I started with Android, and I was really an Android enthusiast when I got my first device (Samsung Galaxy S3), but it wasn’t giving me what the device has to really offer, or better say, how much could I use what the device offers to the customer.Heh, I managed to destroy a few devices via various means from dropping them to a botched root (think jailbreak) or two.March 2017 rolls around, I'm eligible for a upgrade from T-Mobile and I start looking around. Odds are, it's a question someone else has had too & found the answer for.If they tap too fast — as one often does with these stories — they’ll hit a paid-subscription wall.And aside from reading, users can also comment on the piece and follow Mills for updates.It’s like the closed-circuit TV cameras in a supermarket.

That’s kind of what we do on Hooked with episodes, just to keep the suspense and keep people coming back.So far, Mills’s first tale has earned over 85,000 views.“When I think about releasing things in smaller episodes, I think of Dickens,” Mills said.I was using a Galaxy S6 with a Gear S watch at this point. Plus, I believe there's more availability when it comes to info for i OS, (apps, how-tos, ejc) than for Android.Honestly, I wasn't liking the options in the Android ecosystem, mostly because of the wait for security updates from the various manufacturers. The 7 is too damn big for my hands plus was out of my price range to begin with. It didn't take long for me to figure out the gestures used by VO and it seems far more secure then the S6 did. Are there still things I wish I could do on Apple that you could do on Android? If you want a working and reliable operating system, stick with i OS.

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  1. Yet for decades he has uttered boorish comments that undermine that assertion, and in recent weeks his misogynistic remarks have become fodder for journalists (see here and here).