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My main gripe with Snapchat: I had few friends on the platform, and I didn't want to send disappearing selfies to any of them. And when I did want to send images to a friend, I used SMS or Whats App. Here's what I learned: Pick up the pieces of your mind from the floor and listen up.

If you're an adult and don't understand Snapchat yet, you need to stop thinking about it as an app you use to chat, message, text, or send nudes.

We weren't allowed to take pictures, so I was playing court reporter and sketching the panel which included...

From left: Moderator Candace Bushnell, actress Charlize Theron, screenwriter Diablo Cody, actor Patton Oswalt and actress Elizabeth Reiser.

I download this app and have came across multiple videos of questionable aged people takeing off their clothes.

The owners of this app seriously need to do something about their security!!! Technical wise, eg; best screen size & picture quality.

I found Snapchat's layout confounding; it didn't seem useful at all. After a bunch of experimentation, I finally figured Snapchat out, and I can tell you there's a lot more to it than disappearing selfies.

He felt like the laughter was coming from very specific pockets of the theater which may well be true since it's a movie that some people will "get" (i.e.

respond to) and others will probably leave in disgust since it keeps defying expectations, driving drunkenly up to traditional beats / redemptive arcs, only to turn its nose up at them and swerve off that well-paved road again.

For you, Snapchat is almost guaranteed to be an app you'll use to watch video, and perhaps even publish some of your own.

That's why I'm showing you this tab first: Stories is Snapchat's killer tab.

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