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Arcing southeast of Papua New Guinea and northeast of Australia on the edge of the Pacific Ocean’s Ring of Fire, earthquakes are common, and periodic volcanic eruptions are important reminders of the forces that created this archipelago.

But increasingly, it’s been us humans who have threatened these striking and often delicate island ecosystems with swift changes, particularly in recent decades.

The incidence of crime typically increases during the Christmas period, in the lead-up to major holidays and following periods of political instability.

Visitors are advised to avoid walking, jogging or cycling after dark or in the early hours of the morning, and to be cautious when driving at night.

These higher rates were in line with what is expected across much of the Pacific in the second half of this century as a result of human-induced sea level rise.

This higher local rate is partly the result of natural climate variability.

Tucked away in the South Pacific, the Solomon Islands are a little known, unspoilt paradise.

They offer a chance to explore islands of exotic beauty, a unique blend of cultures, a fascinating history and a warm Pacific welcome, just 3 hours from Australia. Almost 1000 green islands lie scattered within a dazzling sea.

The Guardian (5/6) covered the two-day Climate Action 2016 Summit in Washington, DC, where World Bank President Jim Yong Kim said plans to build hundreds of coal-fired power plants in Asia over the next 20 years would be disastrous for the planet.

Climate Home (5/6) reported that global climate negotiators have released a draft plan for continuing climate negotiations in coming years.

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