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Q: No, he didn’t, but it was great to see you believe that for a moment. VB: So, for me, when I got the message about the headrest I actually...

- FINAL DAY REVIEW: Klaipeda in Lithuania wrapped up its final day of competition in the Women’s 17 EHF Championship, as the hosts suffered defeat against Portugal in the final.

Turkey claimed bronze in the 3/4 Placement Match, beating Finland.

After a few laps we had some debris I think in the brakes so we had to stop and clean it, so we dropped back to I think 17 place. DR: Yeah, obviously yesterday I was disappointed with the mistake but hey, I guess you have to make these to try and find that last little bit. It was fun to be in the battle for the most part and towards the end, obviously once I got the lead it was just trying to keep the laps I could. A lap down at the end on lap one and then, of course, you’ve ended up in second place. VB: Yeah, like Daniel said, it was a completely crazy race and especially for me. And this weekend we came back to that set-up and it gave me a lot more confidence with the car. Obviously he’s missing possible podiums and chunks of points here and there but for sure he’ll bounce back.

I would have put all of my money on it that it was very unlikely. This is the race we expected last year, with all the safety cars and all the chaos and we got it this year. It was crazy, there was so much going on, but it was fun. Second on the grid, what did you think was possible? I’m much more competitive, similar to the beginning of the season, China, Bahrain, when I was in Q3, P11 in qualifying, much more competitive. Obviously I’m super happy to be here but yeah, Max has had two races in a row where I guess where he’s been in strong positions and it hasn’t worked out for him through, I believe, no fault of his own. Yeah, obviously he’s going through a harder time on the fortune side of things right now but he’s driving well and I think he knows that.

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